About sarcha

The Demos Athens Ideas Competition is organized by sarcha (School of ARCHitecture for All)

Following the open call, the following SARCHA associates worked on the launching of the competition: Dr Maria Theodorou architect, Petros Tsitnidis architect MSc, Lina Liakou architect MArch, Clelia Thermou architect MArch, Ioanna Pothou architect MArch, Elena Chantzis architect, The working team was supported by the associates Dora Giannaki political scientist MA Zoe Spiliopoulou architect MArch, Sappho Haralambous, policies for development -ex IFAD-UN, Georgios Koulouris MEng, Thanassis Ikonomou architect, Dr Vanda Chalyvopoulou visual artist, and friends Maria Daniil architect,  Hatto Fischer political philosopher, Anna Arvanitaki architect- Urban Planner.

sarcha (School of ARCHitecture for All) Non-profit, founded 2006: An open structure of committed associates linked by sarcha’s website and activities. It conducts rigorous research on architecture and the city and its programme has developed as yearly themes,  Unbuilt (2008), POLIS 21  – Xenophobia (2009), CCR – ΠKΠ: CityCommonResource (2010-2011), Polypolis (2011-2012), Athens Travelers (2012) Urbanism in an Age of Austerity collaborative proposal (submitted to EC 2013) Demos (2013) - www.sarcha.gr